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Horseback riding on stationary program includes short rides into town for drinks or souvenir shopping, long canters on side roads, and full day picnic rides to nearby streams. We also include informal riding lessons for beginners.




Excellent opportunities for trail exploring, on your own or with a guide versed on local wildlife. 


On warm days refresh yourself in our pool, or for the more adventurous we organize picnic hikes to mountain streams.

Other activities

Other activities are ping pong, car drives to visit Sierra de las Quijadas and other interesting sites like local artisans. You can play golf at Yacanto (15km away)

 Or just relax and read a book next to the fire.

After dinner tango lessons!

For children

Children are welcome, and have great fun, riding, playing with the dogs, helping feed the animals, swimming in the pool or in the streams. Riding: On the stationary program, age limit for riding is 5 years old, on short rides, depending on the child\'s ability. If the child doesn\'t ride we can provide a baby sitter.  For the Sierra ride age limit is 12.


Bird watching attracts many hosts to our area, to capture images of the 7 different kinds of woodpeckers, majestic vultures, tiny hummingbirds and others. On this photo are some of the birds you can see during a short walk around our garden: Black chested buzzard eagle, Turkey vulture, Kestrel, Southern lapwing, Great kiskadee, Blue-crowned parakeet, Golden billed saltator,Blue and yellow tanager, Vermilion flycatcher. Spot winged pigeon. Rufous-bellied thrush, Crested caracara, White woodpecker, Monk parakeet.