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He likes good wines, cigars and music, and is an excellent cook.  His hobby is to restore objects.  But nothing causes him more pleasure than having hosts that enjoy his argentine wine tasting and long conversations about history.


Lola, as a vet, takes care of the animals.  She also oragnizes the rides and will be your guide on horseback.  She speaks several languages and her main interests are the local flora and fauna.

Mario Bejarano

Horseman, sailor, retired diplomat, Mario has been to 40 countries, speaks English, French, German and Polish. He is also well versed in the local folklore and history. Mario will regal you with amusing anecdotes about his service and adventures around the world.  He is not always home, as he spends many months living on his sailboat and traveling.


Guide on the rides, his passions are exploration trips and sailing. He will also delight your evenings playing guitar.