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Argentina is the sixth largest country in the world. Within its large expanse, one finds a number of climatic zones, from the tropics to the sub-Arctic. The quality of its soil gives high calcium contents to the grass and makes Argentina the ideal place for raising horses. The population is 50% Italian origin, the other half being mostly Spanish with important segments of German, English and other European ethnic groups, mixed with the original Indian population. Elegant Buenos Aires, often referred to as the Paris of South America, is the capital and largest city and is definitely worth a visit. 


 Remember that the seasons are reversed in Argentina - when it is winter in the North America or Europe it is summer in Argentina. January and February are usually very hot, the rest of the year being fine for riding (November, December & March can be quite warm as well). The wet season is December to March, during which time you will experience short rains.

Location of Estancia Corralito

Estancia Corralito is located in Traslasierra Valley, in the west of Córdoba province.  Our nearest towns are Merlo to the south(17km) and Villa Dolores to the north (50km).  La Paz is a small and pintoresque  village 3 km away, that produces herbs.

To locate us with google earth our coordinates are: 32º11\'46.00\'\' S and 65º01\'55.76\'\' W

How to get here

From Buenos Aires:

- By bus: from Retiro terminal in B.A. leaves at night and arrives Merlo early in the morning.

 - By car

 We meet you at the bus station or airport.

Let us know if you need help or information