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Traslasierra\\\'s History

Traslasierra literally means "behind the Sierra." This is a remote area cut off from the rest of Argentina by the Sierra de Cordoba to the east and the Sierra de San Luis to the west. In early times it was inhabited by Indians who were vassals of the Incas. It was also where the first Spaniards arrived from Peru and established the Criollo race in approximately 1650. After independence in 1816 there followed a turbulent period of strife between Centralists and Federalists. The area of Traslasierra played an important role and was controlled by Federalist "caudillos" (War Lords) for a long period of time. This civil war ended in 1857 with the establishment of a Federal form of government, leaving free autonomy to the provinces and allowing the central government to reserve for itself the management of foreign affairs

Traslasierra Valley

Now this is a dreamy area where time seems to have stopped. Here people still live in a horse culture and children ride to school on horseback. Shopping is done by the family \\\\\\\'sulqui\\\\\\\' (Irish gig). The area is the habitat of over 100 different bird species which will I be a delight for the senses of sight and sound. The cooing of doves and the screeching of parakeet are the most obvious sounds. Black-headed and Turkey vultures majestically soar overhead.